Overview, Trends and Mapping of The Scientific Production on Childhood Tuberculosis: A Scientometric Study





Bibliometrics, Childhood, Children, Tuberculosis


Background: Tuberculosis in children is highly prevalent and is considered community transmission by an infected adult. This study analyzed childhood tuberculosis literature from 2018 to 2023 on Scopus.

Methodology: The study was an observational, retrospective design with a bibliometric approach focusing on the scientific production on childhood tuberculosis. A trend analysis and mapping of the literature published in Scopus was performed. The following selection criteria were applied: All types of papers published in Scopus during the study period were included. Papers published between 2018 and 2023 were included. Papers had to be focused on childhood tuberculosis.

Results: Antoni Diez Noguera-Julián from SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital had a field-weighted citation impact of 10.89. Anneke Catharina Hesseling and James Alexander Seddon had the highest output. The University of Melbourne and the University of Barcelona had high field-weighted citation impacts. Despite the United States’ high production, Spain and Australia showed significant influence. The “International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease” led in production.

Conclusions: A bibliometric study on childhood tuberculosis literature from 2018-2023 highlighted Antoni Diez Noguera-Julián’s significant citation impact and the high output of Anneke Catharina Hesseling and James Alexander Seddon. Despite the U.S.'s high production, Spain and Australia showed significant influence.


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