Policy for Publication of Special Issue

The National Journal of Community Medicine (NJCM) occasionally publishes special issues. The special issues are often selected from international conferences (workshops, seminars, and symposia) and have specific subjects that are within the Scope of the journal. The selected article for the special issue must go through the same process of peer review by independent referees as the papers submitted for publication in the journal's regular issues. Each paper published in the special edition will be subject to the standard publication fees. The requirement of submission to a peer review process of the journal and submission link of NJCM must be clearly shown on the conference website once the Editor in Chief has agreed with special issue publication.


As a protocol, the conference chair needs to submit his/her proposal for publishing a special conference issue in the NJCM to the Editor in Chief or Executive Editor. The proposal will be reviewed and finally notify the decision to the conference chair. This process is recommended to commence before or during “call for papers” announcements.

Manuscript fulfilling the following criteria will be considered:

  1. It must be within the scope of the journal.
  2. The conference website must clearly display basic information for authors and participants, such as, conference title, dates, and aims and scope of the conference, location and organizer with contact details, list of scientific committees, important dates for abstract/paper submissions, peer review process of submitted papers, conference fees, and type of presentations and publication (proceedings).
  3. Conferences organised by reputed institutions or a group of eminent scientists, with a list of international scientific committees published on the conference website, will be given priority.
  4. Conferences with full paper publication (Proceedings) are preferred, those with abstract-only publication not considered.

Contact for proposal submission

Proposal for publication of special issue from conference should be submitted directly to the Executive Editor (Dr. Prakash Patel, contact@njcmindia.com)