Are Patients Satisfied with Government Health Care? A Study on Patient’s Level of Satisfaction and Their Perception of Violence Against Doctors at A Government Hospital in North Karnataka, India


  • Rudramma J Gadag Institute of Medical Sciences, Gadag, Karnataka, India
  • Jannatbi Iti Gadag Institute of Medical Sciences, Gadag, Karnataka, India



patient satisfaction, violence against doctors, PSQ


Background: The level of patient satisfaction must be evaluated periodically to assess the quality of health care provided by the government and to improve health care delivery in developing nations. The purpose of the study is to determine the level of patient satisfaction and their perception of violence against doctors among in-patients attending government teaching hospital.

Methodology: It was a cross-sectional study among in‑patients of government teaching hospital in North Karnataka. A predesigned structured Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire –18 (PSQ–18), along with self-framed violence questionnaire was used as study tools. Descriptive Statistics, ANOVA & Kruskal - Wallis tests were done using SPSS version 16.

Results: The mean score for overall satisfaction was 3.72± 0.387. The mean patient satisfaction was highest for interpersonal manner (4.00 ±0.72) & the least was accessibility and convenience (3.52±0.58). Among the study subjects47.5% had heard about the violence against the doctors, 33.5% said violence against doctors is on rise. Violence against doctors was unethical according to 57.5% and 60% said it must summon punishment.

Conclusions: The overall patient satisfaction was good; accessibility and convenience need to be improved. The study helps in understanding patient’s needs in various dimensions of health care.


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