Prevalence Of Hypertension Among Elderly Women in Slums of Surat City


  • AB Pawar SMIMER, Surat
  • R K Bansal SMIMER, Surat
  • Paresh Bharodiya SMIMER, Surat
  • Shaishav Panchal SMIMER, Surat
  • HB Patel SMIMER, Surat
  • PK Padariya SMIMER, Surat
  • GH Patel SMIMER, Surat


screening, elderly women, urban slums


This screening study conducted among 105 elderly women residing among the slums of Surat city revealed the virtual absence of screening programmes for hypertension in the vulnerable segment as witnessed by detection of new and undiagnosed case of hypertension in over one thirds of those screened. The universal absence of awareness of the need for regular treatment and follow up and absence of informed decision making is indeed distressing.


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Pawar A, Bansal RK, Bharodiya P, Panchal S, Patel H, Padariya P, Patel G. Prevalence Of Hypertension Among Elderly Women in Slums of Surat City. Natl J Community Med [Internet]. 2010 Jun. 30 [cited 2023 Sep. 25];1(01):39-40. Available from:



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