Extra-pulmonary Symptoms in HIV Positive Patient and It’s Correlation with CD4 Count


  • Vandana Dhangar SMIMER, Surat
  • Ashok Gagiya SMIMER, Surat
  • Kamal Naik SMIMER, Surat
  • Sailendra Gamit SMIMER, Surat


HIV, CD4 count, Extra pulmonary, Tuberculosis, Mortality


Background: There is correlation between HIV& pulmonary TB. Patient with HIV has higher incidence of pulmonary TB. It is also noted the correlation of CD4 count with TB manifestations i.e. Pulmonary & extra-pulmonary TB.

Methods: Observational study in 70 patients with HIV in SMIMER, SURAT. Investigations were done with all routine with specific CD4 count. The rate analysed according to CD4 count.

Results: In HIV patients TB is common. There are two groups, Pulmonary and extra-pulmonary. After analysis of data, it is noted that there is a significant correlation with CD4 count. Pulmonary TB cases were common with CD4 count 300-500 and extra-pulmonary TB cases were common with CD4 < 300. Lymph-node TB (200-300), TB meningitis (100-200), Disseminated TB (<100) were also common in lower CD4 count.

Conclusion: CD4 count is very important to determine type of tuberculosis in HIV positive patients. Also it is very important to determine morbidity& mortality.


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