Few More Lessons Learnt from Covid-19: Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Perspective





Covid-19, Health Technology assessment


Covid-19 is an unprecedented situation to all of us leading to dilemma in the management across the globe. Health Technology assessment (HTA) is an evidence-based multidisciplinary policy analysis comparing properties and effects of new and existing health technologies (surgical or interventional procedure, drugs, vaccines etc) with current standard using unbiased, reproducible systematic scientific methods. In other words, it is a form of policy research that examines short- and long-term consequences of the application of existing and upcoming healthcare technology. HTA can be very helpful in policy and decision-making, particularly for developing and emerging countries. It is high time to popularize the concept of HTA across the globe so that efficient use and equitable distribution of various technologies, medications and resources can be ensured and we take further concrete step towards India’s Global commitment of Universal Health Coverage (UHC).


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