Morbidity Profile of Elders in Old Age Homes in Chennai


  • M Anitha Rani Sri Ramachandra medical college and research institute, Sri Ramachandra university, Porur, Chennai
  • Palani G Sri Ramachandra medical college and research institute, Sri Ramachandra university, Porur, Chennai
  • BWC Sathiyasekaran Sri Ramachandra medical college and research institute, Sri Ramachandra university, Porur, Chennai


Elders, health problems, old age homes


Background: In India “aged” population is the second largest in the world. The proportion of elders living in old age homes in India is increasing. This study was undertaken to explore the health problems of elders in old age homes.

Methods: This cross sectional study was done among elders in selected old age homes in Chennai city. Data on health problems was collected by clinical examination and available medical records.

Results: Medical services were found available in all the homes. Only 3.3% of elders were clinically free from health problem and the remaining elders were suffering from one or more health problems. Major health problems of elders were cardiovascular diseases 42.8% dental problem 37.6% and visual problem 35.1%.

Conclusion: The present study show that greater proportions of institutionalized elders were suffering from wide range of morbidities.


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